Lattice Etch™

A non-aqueous hydrofluoric acid based solution used to chemically mill (etch) and/or polish crystalline quartz.

The properties of the solution allow for an “after-etched” surface finish that is typically superior to that of the surface prior to etching.

It is recommended that LATTICE ETCH™ be used at room temperature. This ensures a high quality etch and significantly simplifies equipment setup.

LATTICE ETCH™ can be used for very deep etching without causing surface degradation, making it the ideal solution for the fabrication of inverted-mesa blanks and other complex quartz structures.

Consulting & Design

With over thirty years of crystal manufacturing experience, Advanced Chemical Solutions offers consulting and equipment design services, specializing in inverted-mesa manufacturing and automated processing equipment.

We can help to solve complex processing and manufacturing issues, significantly shortening the time to resolve issues, and increasing your product quality, manufacturing throughput, and yields.